Data Protection Principles

Awareness Training by RGPD.COM

The principles of GDPR Article 5 serve as the backbone for data protection and compliance, ensuring that data is processed lawfully and transparently. Mastering these principles is key to avoiding legal pitfalls and building trust with stakeholders.

This course provides an introduction to the important data protection principles set forth in GDPR Article 5.

All employees should have a basic understanding of the data protection principles as organizations are required to follow these in all aspects of data processing activities.

In this course, we break down these principles across three videos:

Video 1: Introduction to the GDPR’s seven key principles, detailing lawful, fair, and transparent processing, purpose limitation, and data minimization.

Video 2: Exploration of the remaining four GDPR principles: accuracy, storage limitation, integrity and confidentiality, and accountability.

Video 3: Application of these principles in a workplace scenario, illustrated with a customer complaint form.