Processing of Personal Data

Awareness Training by RGPD.COM

Learn what "processing" of personal data means, discover the scenarios where it takes place, and identify who in an organization is responsible for it.

This course covers the basics of processing personal data, explaining what “processing” actually means, when it occurs, and who in an organization handles it. This is a very practical and foundational course that heightens awareness of all the areas in everyday work where personal data is processed. This awareness will aid you in your everyday work to identify potential instances where you might process personal data.

Video 1: All Teams Process Personal Data

We begin this course by detailing how personal data is handled across various job roles, such as HR, IT, marketing, and finance. We examine how each department engages with personal data, emphasizing the widespread responsibility of processing personal data within an organization.

Video 2: Daily Activities Involving Personal Data

In lesson 2, we explore the everyday actions that involve personal data handling across job roles. From emails and documents to meetings and client interactions, we dissect common tasks and tools to enhance your awareness of how personal data is being processed.

Video 3: Data Everywhere: Recognizing Personal Data in Unnoticed Places

The final lesson brings attention to some of the less visible aspects of data processing that could occur during a typical workday. We highlight casual exchanges on social media, calendar invitations, and more, pinpointing where personal data is processed and underscoring the need for vigilance in all our digital interactions.

This training is essential for every team member.