What is Personal Data?

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Learn the basics in 4 minutes. In this training we will start with the basics: What is personal data?

It might seem trivial, but a clear understanding of this will make it much easier to understand the data protection regulations in theory and practice.
What is personal data (featured image)

The protection of personal data begins with understanding what personal data is. This is the focus of this course, which initially sets the scene with relatable examples of personal data, and later moves on to the formal definition of personal data according to the GDPR.

The journey of personal data protection starts with this course.

Video 1: The Basics of Personal Data

This video provides a foundation for identifying personal data in various forms – from emails and attachments in multiple file formats to documents containing sensitive information like contracts or employee assessments.

Video 2: Defining Personal Data

This video clarifies the distinction between information that directly identifies an individual and data that indirectly identifies someone. When you learn the definition of personal data, you acquire a tool, which you can use to identify personal data in all aspects of your work.

This course is essential for everyone.

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