+200 Examples of Personal Data

In this article, you will find more than 200 examples of personal data. The purpose of listing all these examples is to help you quickly grasp the idea that personal data is processed in all aspects of your personal and professional life. Before outlining all the examples of personal data, we will do a quick recap of what personal data actually means.

+200 Examples of Personal Data

The Definition of Personal Data in the GDPR

The GDPR defines personal data as “any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (‘data subject’); an identifiable natural person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier or to one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that natural person.

This definition may seem cryptic, so we will explain it in more detail in the following sections.

What is Personal Data?

Identified or Identifiable Natural Person

First of all, the term “natural person” simply refers to an individual human being. In contrast, to put this concept into perspective, a “legal person” could be a company, government entity, or similar organisation, which is considered a legal entity.

The GDPR not only covers information that can directly identify an individual but also considers data that could potentially identify a person when combined with other information. The focus extends beyond traditional identifiers like names to include location data, online identifiers, and even factors related to a person’s physiological or social identity.

The Context Matters

Personal data encompasses not just explicit information but also implicit details. Some information may appear harmless on its own but can become a means of identifying someone when combined with other data points. For example, an IP address may not reveal much in isolation, but when paired with browsing history and location data, it could pinpoint a specific individual.

Examples of Personal Data

Identification Numbers

Personal DataExplanation
Social Security NumberUniquely identifies an individual in governmental databases.
Employee IDServes as a unique tag for identifying a person within an organisational context.
Passport NumberUnique to each individual and used for international identification.
National Identification NumberUsed by governments to identify citizens.

Financial Information

Personal DataExplanation
Bank Account NumberDirectly correlates to an individual’s financial assets.
Credit Card InformationEnables financial transactions and can be used to infer individual financial behaviour.
Investment PortfolioReveals the assets and financial interests of an individual.
Loan RecordsSpeaks to an individual’s financial liabilities and creditworthiness.
Payment HistoryUsed to evaluate the financial reliability of a person.

Contact Information

Personal DataExplanation
Email AddressServes as a unique identifier for digital communication.
Home AddressSpecifies the location where an individual resides.
Phone NumberUnique to an individual and serves as a direct line for contact.
Work AddressConnected to an individual’s professional life.
Personal Website URLOften displays different categories of personal information.

Employment Records

Personal DataExplanation
Salary InformationIndicates individual earning capacity and potential lifestyle.
Job TitleReveals professional role and inherent responsibilities.
Employment HistoryEnumerates past roles and employers, detailing career trajectory.
Performance ReviewsReflects on an individual’s professional skills and accomplishments.
Professional LicencesCertifies qualification and expertise in a specific field.

Biometric Data 

Personal DataExplanation
FingerprintUniquely identifies an individual through biological traits.
Retina ScanUtilised for identification based on unique retina patterns.
Facial Recognition DataIncreasingly used for identification and access management.
Voice RecordingIdentifies an individual based on unique voice characteristics.
DNA ProfileUltimate form of biological identification, unique to each person.

Health Information

Personal DataExplanation
Medical HistoryThis is a repository of sensitive and private health-related information.
Prescription InformationIndicates specific medical treatments and underlying conditions.
Blood TypeUseful in medical settings for treatment and identification.
Immunisation RecordsDocuments medical treatments and potential health vulnerabilities.
Allergy InformationReveals specific substances that affect an individual’s health.

Legal Records

Personal DataExplanation
Criminal RecordSummarises past legal issues.
Civil Court RecordsDocuments involvement in legal disputes.
Arrest RecordsRecords past arrests without consideration of subsequent legal outcomes.
Driving OffencesDocuments an individual’s history of driving-related legal issues.

Education History

Personal DataExplanation
Academic TranscriptsGrades, courses taken, and academic performance.
Diplomas and CertificatesServe as proof of educational achievements and qualifications.
Standardised Test ScoresEvaluate skills or knowledge in a standardised manner.
Letters of RecommendationContain third-party assessments of abilities or character.

Online Behaviour

Personal DataExplanation
IP AddressIdentifies a specific network interface and location in an online context.
Browser HistoryChronicles visited websites and search activities.
CookiesCollect data on user preferences and online activity.
Online Purchase RecordsDocument transactions and indicate consumer behaviour.

Geographical Data

Personal DataExplanation
GPS CoordinatesProvide precise real-time location data.
Travel ItinerariesOffer detailed plans for future movements and locations.
Location HistoryArchives past locations and potentially movement patterns.
Check-ins on Social MediaPublicly discloses current location and potential activity.
Traffic and Speed Camera RecordsRegister road usage at specific times and places.

Political Affiliations

Personal DataExplanation
Party MembershipExplicitly indicates political alignment and affiliations.
Voting RecordsCatalogue the elections an individual has participated in.
Political DonationsFinancial contributions flag specific political leanings.
Activism RecordsDocument participation in political events like rallies or protests.
Political Online PostsServe as public records of political opinions and affiliations.

Religious Beliefs

Personal DataExplanation
Church or Religious Group MembershipConcretely signals religious affiliations.
Religious ContributionsFinancial donations can indicate depth of religious commitment.
Religious Texts OwnedOwnership can suggest specific religious leanings.
Participation in Religious EventsDemonstrates active involvement in religious activities.
Religious Social Media Groups JoinedSignifies religious interests and community ties.

Social Media Activity

Personal DataExplanation
Facebook Likes and ReactionsShow preferences and may reveal personal interests.
Tweets and RetweetsPublic records of opinions, likes, and dislikes.
Instagram PostsPhotos can disclose current locations, activities, and social circles.
LinkedIn ConnectionsList the range and nature of a professional network.
YouTube CommentsPublic statements that may reveal personal interests or opinions.

Technological Data

Personal DataExplanation
MAC AddressServes as a unique hardware identifier for network interfaces.
Device IMEI NumberFunctions as a unique identifier for mobile phones.
Browser Type and VersionCan be aggregated to track online behaviour.
Installed AppsReveal a range of personal and professional interests and needs.
WiFi Networks JoinedCan be reverse-engineered to ascertain frequent locations.

Travel Records

Personal DataExplanation
Flight Booking RecordsArchive patterns and destinations of travel.
Hotel ReservationsPinpoint specific locations and durations of stays.
Car Rental RecordsIndicate potential locations and types of activities.
Travel Insurance PoliciesGive insights into planned destinations and activities.
Frequent Flyer InformationRecord the frequency and preference of air travel.

Consumer Preferences

Personal DataExplanation
Shopping HistoryCompiles records of both online and offline purchases.
Product Reviews PostedOpenly declares opinions on products or services.
Loyalty Program MembershipsSignify ongoing brand preferences.
Online Wish ListsPublic or semi-public records of future purchase interests.
Food Delivery OrdersShow specific food preferences and lifestyle habits.

Physical Characteristics

Personal DataExplanation
Height and WeightBasic data that describes physical attributes.
Eye ColourA physical descriptor that can be used in certain forms of identification.
Hair ColourA physical characteristic.
Tattoos and ScarsServe as unique physical identifiers.
Clothing SizesProvide general dimensions of the body.

Family Information

Personal DataExplanation
Marital StatusIndicates legal family commitments and structure.
Names and Ages of ChildrenData points relating to minors which therefore require greater safeguards.
Genealogy RecordsCompilation of family history and potentially sensitive genetic data.
Photos of FamilyCould contain various forms of personal identifiable information.
Spouse’s Employment InformationMay reflect upon family income and lifestyle.

Communication Records

Personal DataExplanation
Text MessagesStore personal conversations.
Email CorrespondenceContain a complete record of digital conversations.
Call LogsChronicle both incoming and outgoing phone calls.
Voice MailsContain both voice data and the content of the message.
Social Media MessagesCapture personal conversations in a closed environment.

Membership and Affiliations

Personal DataExplanation
Union MembershipUnion Membership: May affect work relationships and reveal political leanings.
Professional AssociationsIndicate fields of expertise or professional interest.
Alumni GroupsUnveil educational background and possibly career networks.
Sports Club MembershipsDisclose recreational activities and interests.
Volunteer MembershipsSignal participation in social and charitable endeavours.
Country Club MembershipsSignify social standing and leisure interests.
Youth GroupsShow involvement in youth organisations.
Seniors GroupsIndicate associations with elderly community networks.
Ethnic or Cultural OrganisationsSuggest cultural or heritage affiliations.

Intellectual Property

Personal DataExplanation
CopyrightsAssert legal ownership over created content, like writings or music.
TrademarksEstablish a legal claim to specific brand-related elements.
Research PapersIndicate areas of intellectual interest and expertise.
Software CodeMark unique technological contributions.

Public Contributions

Personal DataExplanation
Letters to the EditorShow public engagement and viewpoints on issues.
Comments on Public ForumsUnveil interests, beliefs, and viewpoints.
Petitions SignedIndicate political or social activism and leanings.
Public TestimoniesServe as formal records on public or social issues.
Civic Participation RecordsTrack involvement in local governance or community groups.

Recreational Interests

Personal DataExplanation
Hobby Groups JoinedSignal areas of leisure and recreational interest.
Equipment PurchasesPoint to specific hobbies or recreational activities.
Event Tickets PurchasedShow interest in particular events, genres, or performances.
Game AchievementsDisplay gaming skills, interests, and engagement levels.
Music PlaylistsReveal personal music tastes and possibly mood states.

Professional Qualifications

Personal DataExplanation
CertificationsAct as verified proof of specific skills or training.
AccreditationsRepresent industry-specific qualifications and expertise.
PortfolioServes as a curated showcase of professional work.
ReferencesOffer third-party validations of skills and professionalism.
Awards and HonorsSignal recognition and achievement in a professional context.

Psychological Traits

Personal DataExplanation
Personality Test ResultsDisclose specific aspects of the psychology of a person.
Therapy RecordsContain sensitive and confidential personal information.
Emotional AssessmentsGive insight into current mental health status.
Mood Tracking DataChronicle emotional patterns over time.
Medical DiagnosesInclude formal clinical assessments of mental health.

Behavioral Patterns

Personal DataExplanation
Sleep Tracking DataShow lifestyle and health-related habits.
Physical Activity LogsReflect daily movement and general health levels.
Nutrition LogsReveal eating habits and dietary considerations.
Stress Level MeasurementsInclude mental health-related data points.
Social Interaction LogsCatalogue of patterns and quality of social interactions.

Ownership Records

Personal DataExplanation
Property DeedsDocument legal ownership of real estate.
Vehicle RegistrationsIndicate ownership and types of vehicles owned.
ShareholdingsSignify ownership stakes in companies.
Collector’s ItemsList high-value items under possession.
Domain RegistrationsRegister ownership of online assets.

Test Scores and Evaluations

Personal DataExplanation
IQ TestsProvide metrics on cognitive abilities.
Skill Assessment ResultsPoint to areas of professional expertise.
Employee EvaluationsInclude workplace performance assessments.
Academic ExamsServe as benchmarks of educational achievement.
Health and Safety TestsValidate compliance with regulatory norms.

Personal Preferences

Personal DataExplanation
Food PreferencesDisclose tastes and potentially any dietary restrictions.
Language PreferencesIndicate cultural background or educational upbringing.
UI/UX Settings on AppsShow software customization preferences.
Book PreferencesPoint to intellectual interests and favoured genres.
Colour PreferencesRepresent a simple yet revealing personal choice.

Audio and Video Recordings

Personal DataExplanation
VoicemailsStore audio messages that may include personal or sensitive information.
Video MessagesContain personal messages and possibly private details, in video format.
Surveillance FootageCapture physical appearance, location, and actions at a given time.
Podcast AppearancesDocument voice and views on various topics.
Personal VideosMay include a diverse range of personal information, from family events to personal hobbies.

Language and Communication Style

Personal DataExplanation
Preferred LanguageSuggests cultural background or educational upbringing.
Writing SamplesExpose communication skills and stylistic preferences.
Speech PatternsCaptured in audio recordings or transcriptions.
Sign Language UsePoints to specific communication requirements.
Slang or Jargon UsedDiscloses affiliations with subcultures or professions.

Personal Achievements

Personal DataExplanation
Competition WinsHighlight specific skills and levels of achievement.
ScholarshipsServe as acknowledgments of academic excellence.
Completed Challenges or GoalsIndicate personal or professional milestones.
EndorsementConsist of public or private recommendations.

Cultural Affinities

Personal DataExplanation
Ethnic BackgroundSuggests cultural heritage or affiliations.
Festivals CelebratedIndicates cultural or religious practices.
Cultural Association MembershipsShow alignment with specific cultural groups.
Preferred MediaUnveils preferences in entertainment and cultural consumption.
Culinary PreferencesFood choices that can hint at cultural leanings.

Government Records

Personal DataExplanation
Census DataContains detailed personal and household statistics.
Voter RegistrationNotes eligibility and history of electoral participation.
Social Benefits RecordsEnumerate government support or assistance received.
Licences IssuedLegal permits for various activities, such as driving.
Public Office RecordsDetail involvement in governmental or public service roles.

Military Records

Personal DataExplanation
Service RecordsState periods and types of military service.
Military IDServes as a unique identifier for service members.
Veteran StatusNotes past military service and any subsequent benefits.
Security ClearancesDefine levels of authorization to sensitive information.
Medals and AwardsAcknowledge particular military achievements.

Immigration Status

Personal DataExplanation
Visa RecordsDetail permissions for entry and residency in foreign countries.
Work PermitsIndicate employment eligibility in specific countries.
Passport StampsRecord international travel history.

Emergency Contacts

Personal DataExplanation
Next of KinDesignated primary contact for emergencies.
Medical Emergency ContactsSpecific to healthcare situations.
Workplace Emergency ContactsFor on-the-job incidents.
Child’s School Emergency ContactsFor minors during school hours.

Sexual Orientation

Personal DataExplanation
Relationship StatusCan indirectly suggest sexual orientation.
Dating App ProfilesProvide more direct data on sexual preferences.
LGBTQ+ Organization MembershipsAffirm sexual orientation or advocacy roles.
Medical RecordsMay contain sensitive or private information.
Public StatementsRepresent self-declared information on orientation.

Substance Use

Personal DataExplanation
Medical PrescriptionsMay indicate use of controlled substances.
Rehab RecordsReveal past or current substance abuse treatment.
Drug Test ResultsDrug Test Results
Tobacco Use RecordsConfirm the use of tobacco products.
Alcohol Purchase RecordsDisclose habits related to alcohol consumption.

Dependency Information

Personal DataExplanation
Child Care RecordsShow dependents and their childcare arrangements.
Power of Attorney DocumentsEstablish who can make legal decisions.
Guardian RecordsReveal legal guardianship details.
Support Payment RecordsIndicate financial dependencies like alimony or child support.
Special Needs TrustsHighlight care responsibilities for individuals with special needs.

Leisure and Lifestyle

Personal DataExplanation
Fitness Club MembershipsSuggest lifestyle and health orientation.
Subscription ServicesReveal various interests and preferences.
Club MembershipsIndicate social or recreational affiliations.
Sports ParticipationShow athletic abilities and interests.
Hobby-related PurchasesSpecify particular hobbies and activities.

Hobbies and Interests

Personal DataExplanation
Art CollectionsIndicate a taste for specific kinds of art.
Musical Instruments OwnedShow interest or skill in music.
Sporting EquipmentReveal athletic pursuits.
Crafting SuppliesIndicate crafting or DIY interests.
Cooking GearSuggest culinary aptitude and interest.

Social Connections

Personal DataExplanation
Friendship Connections on Social MediaIdentify social circles and friendships.
Family TreesOutline familial relationships.
Personal ReferencesList individuals who can vouch for you.
Co-worker RelationshipsReveal professional social networks.
Mentor-Mentee RelationshipsIndicate roles in educational or professional guidance.

Digital Content

Personal DataExplanation
E-books OwnedHighlight reading preferences.
Digital MoviesIndicate movie genres and favourites.
Download HistoryCould contain a wide array of personal preferences.
Cloud Stored DataMay include various types of personal data.
Mobile App DownloadsReveal functional and recreational interests.

Text-Based Content

Personal DataExplanation
Blog PostsOffer insights into personal thoughts and specialties.
Diaries or JournalsContain private and sensitive reflections.
Chat HistoriesRecord personal conversations and interests.
Forum PostsDisclose public opinions and topic interests.
Published ArticlesExpose areas of expertise and personal viewpoints.

Subscription Information

Personal DataExplanation
Magazine SubscriptionsIndicate particular interests or hobbies.
Streaming ServicesShow entertainment preferences.
Paid News ServicesReveal focus on current events or specialised subjects.
SaaS SubscriptionsSuggest professional needs and activities.
Charity SubscriptionsPoint to philanthropic inclinations.

Medical Contacts

Personal DataExplanation
Hospital PreferencesPreferred locations for emergency care.
Blood Donor InformationRelevant for medical emergencies.
Organ Donor StatusImportant for life-saving situations.
Contact Information for DoctorsSpecifies healthcare providers.

Personal Beliefs

Personal DataExplanation
Ethical or Moral StancesHighlight personal values.
Dietary Choices (e.g., Veganism)May relate to ethical beliefs.
Political BeliefsIndicate ideological inclinations.
Philosophical BeliefsSuggest worldview and outlook.
Religious Doctrine InterpretationsReveal personal takes on religious beliefs.

Security Information

Personal DataExplanation
PasswordsControl access to various digital services.
Security Questions and AnswersServe for identity confirmation.
Two-Factor Authentication MethodsProvide additional account security.
Biometric Security DataUsed for secure identification mechanisms.

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