Knowing the basics of data privacy provides a foundation for making decisions about personal information in a digital environment. It is useful for individuals who wish to understand how their data is used and for organizations that collect or process this information.


Data privacy is important in today’s digital age, and the GDPR helps protect this privacy. GDPR sets rules for how personal data should be handled. This applies to companies, governments, and other organizations.

Personal data includes many types of information. It can be your name, address, or something more complex like your online behavior. This wide range of personal data makes it important to know what should be protected.

One key point of GDPR is that there must be a valid reason for collecting your data. This could be because you gave permission, or because the data is needed for a contract you have with the organization. Once data is collected, it should be kept safe and up-to-date.

Ethical considerations are also part of data privacy. Organizations should not just follow the law but also think about what is right and wrong when handling data e.g. when considering the principles of article 5.

GDPR is not only for European Union (EU) countries. Any company that has customers in the EU must follow these rules. This means that GDPR has a global impact on how personal data is handled.

Under GDPR, individuals have rights concerning their own data. You can ask to see your data, correct it, or even move it to another service provider in some cases. These rights give people more control over their own information.

Supervisory Authorities in each EU country oversee GDPR rules. These organizations can fine companies that do not comply with data protection laws.

Following data protection laws is good for businesses as well. Companies that handle data responsibly can earn the trust of their customers, which is beneficial in the long run.

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