GDPR & Security Practices

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At this point, it should be clear that personal data must be processed safely. In this course, you will take your knowledge a step further and learn about security practices that all organisations must implement to protect personal data.

You will learn about the appropriate technical and organisational measures necessary for safely processing personal data, and the concepts of ‘Privacy by Design’ and ‘Privacy by Default’.

These are general privacy frameworks that must be adapted to the specific needs and realities of your organisation

Video 1: Appropriate’ Measures

The GDPR requires organisations to implement safety measures that are appropriate for reducing risks to individuals when processing their data, which is the topic of this video.

Video 2: Privacy by Design

Privacy by Design is a framework that should be implemented for processing personal data and it is a legal requirement under the GDPR.

Video 3: Privacy by Default

In essence, ‘Privacy by Default’ is a component of ‘Privacy by Design,’ which requires that the default option in any system or process should always provide the strongest level of privacy for individuals and their data. Adhering to privacy by default is a requirement under the GDPR.

Once you understand the GDPR’s concepts of appropriate measures, privacy by design, and privacy by default, you will gain a solid understanding of how to securely process personal data in your daily work.

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