Risk Assessment

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In this course, you will learn how to perform a risk assessment to identify and evaluate potential threats to the personal data you and your organization handle daily.

Gaining this knowledge will provide a frame of reference to facilitate discussions with colleagues about the risks involved in processing personal data.

The primary objective of a risk assessment is to pinpoint specific threats and analyse their likelihood of happening and potential consequences. Armed with this understanding, you can then determine and implement effective safety measures to reduce the identified risks of processing personal data to an acceptable level.

Video 1: Introduction to Risk Assessments

In this video, you will be introduced to the concept of risk assessments in relation to data protection.

Video 2: Define the Process for Assessing its Threats.

An organization has numerous processes and systems, each posing distinct threats to personal data processing. Therefore, identifying which data processing activities should be assessed should be the first step in any risk assessment.

Video 3: Likelihood and Consequences

To properly evaluate the risk from a potential threat, we need to understand two key factors: the likelihood of that threat occurring and the consequences it could have on the individuals whose personal data is being processed if the threat materialises.

Video 4: Risks and Appropriate Measures

Since organisations face many different risks, it is essential to prioritise their importance. By assigning a score to each risk assessment, we can effectively rank these risks relative to each other, and this is the topic of this video.

Risk assessments aim to minimize excessive risks posed to individuals by data processing within your organization. If such risks are identified, they should be mitigated by implementing appropriate safety measures, such as procedures for handling personal data or technical measures.

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